Relaxed Permitted Development until 2019

It will be easier to gain approval to extend your house up until May 2016. The Government relaxed Planning law in order to generate more economic activity in the housing market. If your interested in the Government consultant you can find more information here

Extending your Home remains a good way of gaining more space to accommodate your growing family as well as providing space for new hobbies or for guests. With an ever increasing population and denser Towns and Cities our spatial environment becomes busier and more public.  We need private solitary spaces in which to recuperate. 

The impact of crowded space is well investigated in a book called ‘The Hidden Dimension’ by Edward T. Hall, an anthropologist.  This field of research is known as Proxemics.  

In a nutshell the relaxed rules mean that we can double the extent of our extensions (until May 2016)!

Until 30 May 2016: The following larger house extensions are permitted development:
• Up to 8m deep for a detached and 6m for any other house
• Up to 4m high (single storey)

• The Planning applicant has to send LPA written description of proposal with certain measurements, plus a plan, plus addresses of adjoining properties.
• LPA will notify adjoining neighbours and allow min. 21 days for representations.
• If there is an objection, the LPA’s prior approval is needed for the extension.
• The development must be completed by 30 May 2016.
• Does not apply to special control areas such as National Parks, Conservation Areas.

There are further relaxations which do not apply specifically to the development of existing residential property.

Visit this link for more information. 


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