Social Housing Tender & Construction drawings

This sector of construction is made up of specialist Architects, contractors and housing associations and is very cliquey.

This was a large scale development comprising detached houses, terraced houses, semi-detached houses and blocks of flats.

There are many rules with social housing projects, ranging from floor areas per room to the proportion of social housing to private housing as well as the usual Building regulations requirements in particular fire regulations.

The plethora of rules and regulations serves to closed and secretive nature of building design in general but social housing in particular.  Specialist social housing architects such as PRP Architects continue to deliver the bulk of social housing projects within the United Kingdom.

The design of such development is guided by return on investment – how much money can be made from a particular site.

Despite the inherent contradictions of working within a social sector within capitalistic framework we continue to strive for quality design and the attainment of responsible and community orientated work.