Mediocre Architectural practices

Having worked within London and the south of England for over 15 years we have witnessed much mediocre architectural production by fellow ‘professionals’.

Given that we are full members of the Royal Institute of British architects and the Architects Registration board we have a code of conduct to adhere to however it is fundamental that the general public is informed of the difference between mediocre architects and good Architects.

Admittedly there is some excellent architectural work in England but much more of it is simply mediocre.

Mediocre architectural practice tends to be run by vacuous people who employ, exploit and manipulate others to do their work.  These ‘Others’ are often unqualified and inexperienced architectural assistants or technicians.

The type of practice is quite normal within the United Kingdom particularly in the provinces.

This exploitative practice exists in other private and public  institutions.  There continues to be those who enjoy delegating vacuous and simplistic designs simply because they are in a position to do so.

This is a thoughtless and passive process with little design dialogue.  The aim of this process is to make money mainly for the delegator.

The mindlessness of this process is manifest in neo-classic and pseudo traditional architectural design.

If you are considering engaging an Architect we urge you to think very carefully which one you go with.  Do not waste you hard earned money on a mediocre one.

If you want to understand the difference between a good Architect and a mediocre one please have a look at this video and contact me if you would like to know more.



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